1979 – 1983 School of Applied Arts, Bratislava, Department of Window Dressing and 
                   Exhibition Design (Prof. Rudolf Fila)
1983 – 1989 Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of Book Design and 
                   Illustration (Prof. Albín Brunovský)
1987            Koninklijk Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp (Prof. Wim van 
                   Remortel), Netherlands; study visit

Symbols, narratives and ideas viewed from different perspectives are the creative preferences of my artistic pursuits. I attach great importance to the psychology of depiction.
As to the form, I prefer to oscillate between minimalism with narrative elements and figurative depiction or create a conscious link in which one element is varied according to the subject (cords, hands, paper figures).
In realistic renderings of the figure I am primarily concerned with volume and a sort of materialisation of the object. My intention is to reach beyond the format to convey a sense of escaping into the miniature world through a window or conversely escaping from it. This is associated with the fact that bookplates or illustrations are executed in rather small formats.